AGRANA's sugar factories

AGRANA Zucker GmbH, the only sugar producer in Austria, has two factories in Toulon and Leopoldsdorf with a capacity of over 400,000 tons of sugar. A wide range of sugar products are produced in Tulln for the processing industry. The brand “Wiener Zucker”​​​​​​​ for the end consumer is produced in Leopoldsdorf.

AGRANA maintains also 9 production sites in five countries in Central and Eastern Europe, as well as a packaging and distribution center in Bulgaria. In local markets, the company is present with its specific brands that offer consumers to discover the sweet side of life.


AGRANA in the world and in Bulgaria

In the Hungarian market, AGRANA is presented by the Koronas Cukor brand. It is produced in Kaposvar, the only sugar factory in the country, and is managed by the subsidiary Magyar Cukor Zrt. In order to cover the market deficit, the factory also refines raw sugar in white sugar. Kaposvár is also one of the largest biogas plants in Europe, which covers 70% of the primary energy requirements of the sugar factory through its own biogas.

Moravskoslezke cukrovary a.s. - the subsidiary of AGRANA in the Czech Republic, processes a total of 9,400 tons of sugar beet on a daily basis. The sugar produced by the factories in Khrushanovi and Opava is marketed under the Korunni Cukr brand.

During the last campaign, about 4,800 tons of sugar beet are processed in the subsidiary Slovenske cukrovary s.r.o. factory in Sered, Slovakia.  The sugar is marketed under the name Korunny Cukor.

S.C. AGRANA Romania S.A. operates in two sugar factories in Romania, which work as raw sugar refineries mainly. The raw materials delivered from countries like Brazil and Thailand are processed into white sugar. Along with the refining of raw sugar, up to 5400 tons of sugar beet are processed per day in Roman. The Bujaw factory works only as a refinery. AGRANA's sugar is marketed under the Margaritar Zahar brand.

The sugar products produced by STUDEN-AGRANA under the AGRAGOLD brand are sold in the Western Balkans region and as well as in Slovenia and Croatia. The STUDEN-AGRANA raw sugar refinery in Brcko is a joint venture in which AGRANA and its long-standing trading partner in the region - Studen & CO Holding GmbH, own 50%. The factory has 650 tons sugar processing capacity per day.

In addition, AGRANA owns a packaging and distribution facility in Bulgaria. Here AGRANA's high-quality products are well-known under the name Zahira.