Wiener Zucker Brands of AGRANA

In Austria, the umbrella brand "Wiener Zucker" has a long tradition. Under the same umbrella brand concept as Wiener Zucker, country-specific sugar markers were introduced in the countries of Slovakia "Korunný Cukor", the Czech Republic "Korunní Cukr", Hungary "Koronás Cukor", Romania "Mărgăritar Zahăr" and Bulgaria "Zahira". The brand concept is based on recognizability by uniquely reflecting the common origin of the national sugar markers and adapts itself optimally to the conditions of the respective market. Adult synergies created a brand presence in Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania and Bulgaria, which is unique in the sugar industry.

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Sugar and its many forms

Presses are used to create the various sugar cube varieties and the so-called ‘Zuckerhut’. Grinding is used to make icing, powder and baking sugar. Caster sugar is particularly fine icing sugar which doesn’t form lumps and doesn’t melt even on warm pastries and cakes.  Besides sugar, gelling sugar also contains apple pectin, as a gelling aid, and citric acid. White and brown rock sugar is made from a top quality sugar solution by means of a slow crystallisation process.  Brown sugar is crystallised sugar improved with sugar cane syrup.  Fructose plays a role in calorie-controlled nutrition. Glucose is perfect for everyone who urgently needs extra energy. A wide range of sugar specialities are also made for the food processing industry.

Did you know that sugar can be kept for an almost indefinite period if stored appropriately? Exceptions apply to several special sugar varieties such as gelling sugar which also contains other ingredients besides sugar.